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Freequently Asked Questions

When I place and order and that order is processed, how will I receive my lists?

We work hard to provide you with quickest access to your order as possible. This is why Special Databases will provide you with a direct download option just seconds after you have placed your order. Why should you have to wait days for a DVD in the mail? We do not think that you should. That is why we make downloading your lists quick and simple.

Do you keep the business data listings that you provide up to date?

We constantly update our business data listings and we are proud to state that our lists and databases are as up to date as possible. It is an ongoing process that we continue with. Our lists were last updated this year.

When I place an order with you, what kind of methods can I use for payments? If you accept credit cards, will they be processed through a secure method when I choose to order business lists?

We take your security very seriously and we know that everyone needs different options for payment. This is why we are able to accept credit cards in a secure online format. In addition, we can accept Online payments providing by our banking service. When you would like to make use of a credit card to pay for business and data listings, then you will be glad to know that we make use of SSL (secured 3D verified socket layers) to guarantee that your Visa or MasterCard payments are completely safe and secure. Please note that, we do not have refund policy after our data has been sent to you.

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